Change wallet passphrase

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You can use the API endpoint implementation or the JavaScript SDK

Kakr Omni Layer Services API Spec Compatibility

The Kakr LiaaS blockchain service is a standardized specification for developers building on top of Kakr LiaaS that allows an application to perform an entire Litecoin wallet system's actions without needing to learn that pinning service's unique API postman.

AuthorizationStringBearer <your api key>
wallet_nameStringThe name of the wallet to create
oldpassphraseStringCurrent passphrase of the wallet
newpassphraseStringNew wallet passphrase; must be 12 words separated by spaces

Endpoint: /api/Wallet/Litecoin/change-passphrase

Method: POST


  • 200: OK - Successfully changed passphrase

Kakr LiaaS users looking to utilize the Litecoin Blockchain Services API can do so from our dedicated API endpoint base URL:

Javascript SDK Implementation 

 * change wallet passpharse

//pass your API key and wallet name to be created
const response = await liaasSdk.changeWalletPassphrase(

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