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Kakr Litecoin as a Service API Spec Compatibility

The purpose of this endpoint is to enable the developer to input a set of 12-word mnemonics. These mnemonics serve as the encryption key for the wallet and are used to generate a lengthy Encrypted key. The public key generated can then be utilized to create an address within that specific wallet.

Create Encrypted Wallet API Call

AuthorizationBearer <your api key>
Body Parameterpassphrase
Description12 words length characters separated with space

Response: 200: OK - Success! Wallet Encrypted

Kakr LiaaS users looking to utilize the Litecoin Blockchain Services API can do so from our dedicated API endpoint base URL:


Encrypt wallet using SDK

Liaas SDK package installation
 * Secure your created wallet by encrypting it with a 12-word mnemonic phrase, and receive an encrypted key as the return value.
 //Encrypt the wallet with the 12 passphrases
 //pass your API key and the created wallet name
const response = await liaasSdk.encryptWallet(

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