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Kakr Litecoin as a Service (Generate Address)

To derive an address from the created wallet, utilize this endpoint. This process involves providing the address type and label while additionally including the Encrypted passphrase and wallet name in the request header.

OperationCreate Address
DescriptionA post request to create an address on the Litecoin Blockchain.
HeaderContent-Type: application/json
HeaderAuthorization: Bearer <your api key>
BodyWalletname: String (The wallet name you created)
BodyEncryptedkey: String (Encrypted PassPhrase)
Bodylabel: String (Label of the Address)
Bodytype: Number (1 for Legacy, 2 or others for SegWit, 3 for native-SegWit)
200: OKSuccessfully created address

Create or generate Wallet Address

Liaas SDK package installation

 * Create or generate an address from a wallet
 //pass your API key and the wallet name
 //the type parameter is the type of address to be generated fom the wallet for example type of 1 will generate a Legacy address (LgtX3V4qf55zZFsaD8dYLxPv3ZcMn5PCLa) while type of 2 or any other number will generate SegWit Address (M9PU6rzebMofSVjbi2LALPqWJAQ3hMhkGs) then type of 3 will generate native-SegWit Address (ltc1qytr4etxl3sqvmfa0ag7aj8md7spmh7puz0amu7)
const response = await liaasSdk.createAddress(apiAccessKey,

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